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Gary Garrison, Director of DGI

Gary Garrison, Director of DGI

“Over the last several years, we have built the DGI into a world-class educational institute, led by some of the most recognizable and successful names in theatre, such as Tina Howe, Mark Hollmann, Austin Pendleton, Chisa Hutchinson, Gretchen Cryer, and Adam Gwon.

The Certificate of Dramatic Writing is one of the most innovative and progressive curriculums in the country, with online and in-person classes each semester that offer everything from foundation classes in dramatic structure to master classes in writing comedy. The certificate program not only focuses on helping you hone your craft, but will help professionalize your relationship to the theater industry.”



Certificate in dramatic writing


The Dramatists Guild Institute Certificate in Dramatic Writing is a rigorous, 40-credit progressive curriculum designed to prepare playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists for fruitful careers as professional dramatists.

Students call The Dramatists Guild Institute “invaluable,” “a godsend,” and “a forum unlike any other.”
At the DGI they learn to:

  • Develop their craft via writing workshops/masterclasses, structural fundamental courses; 

  • Understand the business of writing for the stage;

  • Position themselves as writers in the field by developing an individualized career path.



The courses offered under this program have been conceived by experienced and respected teachers, then tested and refined with by incorporating student feedback into the course design. The core curriculum is flexible enough to accommodate students at all levels of development, but consistent enough to promote a coherent educational ethos: the simultaneous nurturing of both craft and career.

Past and current students can receive credit for courses completed prior to the establishment of the Certificate Program.

Required Courses

  • Architecture of plays/musicals (4 credits)

  • Artist as CEO (3 credits)

  • 4 Writing Workshops/Master Classes (min 16 credits)

  • Plays In Progress (2 lab credits)

  • Career coaching (2 lab credits)

  • Attend 12 plays/readings/performances (3 lab credits)

  • In addition, Certificate track students choose from a wide range of DG courses and exclusive opportunities for independent study and mentorship.

Pricing options: ONE PAYMENT of $4500 or MONTHLY installments of $200 over two years.
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Scroll through to catch a glimpse of our Fall 2019 curriculum. Enrollment begins July 31, 2019 (subject to change).

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