The Architecture of Plays (In Person), with Gary Garrison


The Architecture of Plays (In Person), with Gary Garrison

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This is a course designed to acquaint dramatists at all levels of writing with a variety of dramatic structures that playwrights use in their narrative storytelling that enliven the world of their stories. The primary goal of this course is two fold: to understand how writers structure their stories to enhance all the elements of compelling storytelling and to build a critical vocabulary that will be useful when a writer discusses their own creative work in a workshop or production environment. We’ll look at different styles of storytelling, genres, techniques and alternative approaches to writing dramatic texts that will be helpful in discussion with future collaborators. And finally, the course will explore alternatives to traditional basic dramatic structure (i.e., the well made play), in such a way as to reinforce the strengths and weaknesses of what some consider the primary form.


InstructorGary Garrison
Meeting time:  Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00 pm
Location: The Mary Rodgers Room, 1501 Broadway, 7th floor
Fee: $225 (DG members) $425 (non-members)
Duration: 10 weeks
Start Date: February 14, 2017
Limit: 25 Students

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