Master Class: Writing for Musical Theatre


Master Class: Writing for Musical Theatre

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A weekend warrior class in writing book, lyrics, music. This course is for dramatists who have a musical in them, or want to discover the musical in them, waiting to be sung. Traditional showtune writers, avant garde performance piece writers, hip hop/funk/jazz writers (and more) are all welcome and encouraged to explore their unique voices in a three day workshop. You will work on individual and group exercises, so bring your open mind, your wide-eyed wonder, your sophistication, your sense of humor, your passion, but most of all, your willingness to work hard, have fun, and play! Kirsten Child’s purpose in teaching this class is threefold:  1) to instill the joy of crafting a musical, 2) to explore and develop real characters with real reasons to sing, and 3) to help people learn how to communicate with a collaborator.

Potential students will be single artists not with their collaborators. Students don’t have to be pianists, but they do have to have some skill at playing whatever is the instrument they use to compose. They also don’t have to be great at notation, but it would be advantageous if they could at least do lead sheets.  The words-people don’t have to be formal lyricists.


InstructorKirsten Childs
Pre-requisite: Required Interview
Meeting times: March 10th (6pm - 9pm), March 11th (1pm - 4pm), March 12th (1pm - 4pm)
Location:  The Mary Rodgers Room, 1501 Broadway, 7th floor
Fee: $400 (DG members) $550 (non-members)
Duration: 3 classes over one weekend, 9 hours total
Start Date: March 10th
Limit: 10 students

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