roland tec

Sandy Asher

National Song Writing Circle

ROLAND TEC is a filmmaker, playwright and composer. Roland scored his last two feature films, All The Rage and We Pedal Uphill, both of which were released theatrically in the U.S.  For twelve years, he served as Artistic Director of Boston’s New Opera Theatre Ensemble, which mounted new operas in such unlikely venues as The Boston Public Library, Danco Furniture Showroom and The Charles Hayden Planeterium.  Since moving to New York in 2000, several of Tec’s plays have been produced, among them: Gratuitous Nudity (co-written with John Yearley), Rapt, The Rubber Room (co-written with Gary Garrison) and The Wreck Behind Us. His play, Kennedy V, about the rise of Teddy Kennedy, was commissioned by Resonance Ensemble. The Curse Of Batvia, for which he composed music to Katherine Burger’s book & lyrics, will be presented this summer at Maverick Concert Hall in Woodstock, NY. His Music Composition teachers include: Luise Vosgerchian, Martin Boykan, David Lewin, Eric Chasalow, Peter Lieberson and John Corigliano. Tec has taught in the Music Departments of Brandeis University and Harvard College, among others.