Plays in Progress

Congratulations on your recent Plays in Progress pairing!
We're excited to have you. Thank you for being a part of what makes the Dramatists Guild Institute an exciting place for writers to hone their craft, meet other dramatists, and explore new artistic horizons. Let's get started!

What Happens After You Complete This Payment:

Your PIP consultant has five business days to be in touch with you, either by phone or email. During that first contact, you should expect to agree on a future date for a discussion of script. Your PIP consultant will then have up to two weeks to read your script before your agreed upon date. At that point, you'll discuss the dispersement of your evaluation, and be provided with detailed feedback on how to move forward with your script. For the full breakdown of the PIP process, visit the About Plays in Progress page on the DGI website.

Before proceeding with payment, please take a moment to review our code of conduct and refund policies, and make sure to read the instructions on the registration forms carefully.