Acceptance Into Classes

Because our goal is to provide a rigorous education to a small group of dramatists in each class, acceptance into any of the classes at the Institute will be competitive and contingent on three criteria: (1) a completed application, (2) the creative material submitted, and if warranted, (3) a successful interview (either in person or video conferencing) with the Institute’s Director.  Because of the volume of applicants, feedback on any of these three criteria isn’t possible. You will be notified of your invitation to join a class in a very reasonable amount of time.

If you are not invited to join the class you’ve applied for, we hope you’ll consider applying again in the following semester of classes. You will be required to reapply.

Class Sizes

The number of dramatists in each class will be limited to ensure that each participant will have a meaningful experience and feel that they, as writers and students, have been attended to.

Large lecture/discussion class: Maximum 20 students.
Writing Workshops: Maximum 12 students.
Master Classes: Depending on the course content and if writing is involved, between 8-15 students.
Specialty Writing Workshops: Maximum 12 students.
On-Line Courses: Depending on the course content and if writing is involved, between 15-20 students.


As the Institute grows and more advanced writing classes are offered, you will have to accomplish certain pre-requisites before applying to a more advanced class. Those prerequisites will be detailed per class/instructor per semester.


We will make every effort to group dramatists in the Institute with other dramatists similar in skill level. That said, dramatists from a variety of backgrounds will be in class and so we must all work to be inclusive, communicative, and welcoming. Each instructor or visiting artist will set the rules for engagement (how to ask questions, when to ask questions, how and when to offer responses to creative work, etc.). We ask that all participants in an Institute class be on time, disengage from their electronic media, and remain for the entire class period.

Payment and Refund Policy

We’ll make every effort to ensure you have the highest quality experience while taking a course in the Institute. Because it is competitive to attend, and class size is limited, once you’ve been admitted to the class, you will have until the enrollment deadline announced for that semester to accept and pay your fee in full by cash, check, or credit card. After you’ve paid your fee, there is no refund. Therefore, before you register and interview for a slot in the class, please check your calendar to make sure you are free and clear to work in the Institute. There are no credits or refunds for any session missed during the duration of the class.

Once a class is fully enrolled, a Wait-List will be established to replace those writers who withdraw at the last moment. The Wait-List will be held in place through the second meeting of the class.


We will draw from the country’s leading dramatists, business people, and educators to teach classes in the Institute. A full biography will always accompany the class they’re teaching. As you can imagine, despite everyone’s best intentions to engage, instructors are subject to change because of professional and personal reasons. We will notify you of any change as quickly as we learn of it.

Course Evaluations

Because we’re interested in developing the curriculum in ways that serve our members, each dramatist in any Institute class will be asked to complete a course evaluation at the conclusion of the course. These evaluations will be completely confidential and anonymous.

Financial Aid

Unfortunately, at this time opportunities for financial aid are not available.

Recording Online Courses

Since our courses often involve the sharing of work, feedback, and involved discussions, we aim to create a safe space for all students to feel encouraged to participate as freely and confidently as possible. In addition to potential conflicts with copyrighted materials and intellectual property (e.g., shared work), this means that we are not able to record any online courses held at the DGI. Please contact your instructor in advance of your planned absence to coordinate a sufficient make-up strategy.



Code of Conduct


Be sure to bring a photo ID with you into the building each week. Please make sure to plan accordingly for the building's security check-in process, especially during high traffic times of day.

Plan to be on time and prepared at the start of each class session.  If you need to arrive late or leave early for any reason, please let the instructor know beforehand. Being late or often absent from a course could weigh in our decision when you apply to future classes.

Each instructor will work hard to build a safe community where you can explore your thoughts, writing, and creativity. Therefore, we ask that you don’t bring friends to class, unless cleared with the instructor.

All instructors are subject to change due to professional or personal reasons.  We will notify you of any change as quickly as we learn of it. If there is a change of date or instructor substitution, we will find someone equally qualified.

Each instructor or visiting artist will set the rules for engagement, such as how to ask questions, when to ask questions, how and when to offer responses to creative work, etc.  Be kind to one another: personal attack, including those under the guise of response to creative work can’t be tolerated.

To protect the well-being of all students, there is no tolerance for the consumption of drugs or alcohol during class; inappropriate verbal, physical, or sexual conduct with other students or the instructor; destruction or tampering with Guild property in the classroom. Inappropriate behavior shall be identified at the sole and exclusive discretion of the instructor.

We hope you enjoy our facilities. We also hope you’ll respect anything located within the classroom. If anything should become damaged because of carelessness, we’ll hold the offending person or persons liable for the damage.

If you plan to smoke, keep in mind it is not permitted anywhere inside of the building.

If you bring food or drink into the classroom, please use the garbage cans after you’re done.

Acceptances and payments for an individual in the Institute are non-transferable without approval from the Dramatists Guild Institute faculty. Only students who have completed enrollment will be allowed in the course.

The DGI maintains operation as long as the MTA’s subways are running. Please allow extra travel time if there is a storm or other situation that may cause delays. In the event that classes are canceled or postponed, students will be contacted beforehand. If you do not hear from your instructor, assume that classes will proceed as planned.

Because we host a variety of events and rentals in the Mary Rodgers Room, DGI facilities will be opened no earlier than fifteen minutes prior to class start times.

Please read the course description before applying for enrollment. Make sure that you understand the content and scope of the course. If you're unsure if it is a good fit for you, please reach out to us via email.

National and religious holidays are at the discretion of DGI instructors and faculty. Please plan accordingly and confer with your instructor if you have concerns regarding attendance as a result of a holiday.

By enrolling, paying for, and accepting placement in a class at the DGI, you agree that you have read and understand these policies.

The DGI complies with all provisions of the American with Disabilities Act (1990, as amended) and strives to address all guidelines. Please alert us to any particular needs you may have.