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A Note from the Director
Gary Garrison

Because a large number of our members contact us regularly for guidance and advice on writing classes, writing workshops, writing groups, master-classes, etc., we began thinking and then designing a curriculum of classes that would combine our DG Academy (playwriting seminars) and DG Conservatory (musical theatre writing seminars) for a variety of extended educational classes (anything from a long weekend to something more rigorous that's 8-10 weeks in duration). These classes will be offered to Guild and non-Guild members, with Guild members receiving a significant reduction in tuition. All of our classes are taught by prominent educators and master teachers. 

Over the course of the next several years, we will develop a progressive curriculum that any serious dramatist can explore in order to strengthen their craft and enhance their career. We will regard the Institute as a true place of education, expecting that our faculty and students will combine their energies with the resources of the Dramatists Guild to elevate the creative landscape of the American theatre through the development of new plays and musicals. 

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